64 AI Prompts for Social Media Marketing

Examples for ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini and other LLMs

With the rise of AI like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini, social media professionals now have a powerful arsenal of tools at their disposal to help them craft compelling content, engage with their audience, and analyze their performance – all while saving valuable time and resources.

For savvy social media marketers and content creators, leveraging the capabilities of these different LLMs (Large Language Models) can unlock a world of possibilities. From generating attention-grabbing captions and headlines to crafting personalized responses and even conducting sentiment analysis, AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini offer a wealth of opportunities to streamline your social media marketing efforts and get your work done faster and more efficiently.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of social media marketing, understanding how to harness the power of AI can give you a significant edge over your competitors. In this article, we’ll explore the potential of AI for social media marketing with prompt examples and use cases.

Should you use ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini or something else?

While ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI assistants available, there are multiple chat AI applications available now. Each is powered by a different LLM and each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

We’ve written a more in depth article about different LLMs here, but at the time of writing this article, we tend to use Claude and ChatGPT.

That said, the AI space is moving so fast that today’s best could be tomorrow’s worst, so we recommend testing your prompts across different platforms and using the one that gives you the best result for your specific task today.

Throughout this article we’ll use ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini interchangeably, but just know that these prompts can be used with any LLM.

ChatGPT prompts for creating social media marketing plans

Example prompts:

Develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for {{company_name}} that aligns with our overall business goals and target audience preferences, including recommended platforms, content themes, and success metrics.

Create a social media content calendar for {{company_name}} for the next quarter, outlining post topics, formats, and publishing dates across all platforms.

Identify the most effective social media platforms for reaching {{company_name}}’s {{target_audience}}, based on their demographics, interests, and online behaviors.

Develop a social media influencer marketing strategy for {{company_name}}, identifying relevant influencers, outreach tactics, and collaboration ideas for each platform.

Conduct a competitive analysis of {{competitor_1}}, {{competitor_2}}, and {{competitor_3}}’s social media presence, identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for {{company_name}} to differentiate itself.

Develop a social media employee advocacy program for {{company_name}}, including guidelines, incentives, and content ideas for employees to share on their personal profiles.

Create a social media style guide for {{company_name}} that outlines our brand voice, tone, and messaging guidelines for each platform, including examples of dos and don’ts.

Develop a set of social media posting guidelines for {{company_name}}’s employees, including best practices for content creation, engagement, and representing the brand online.

Draft a social media approval workflow and process document for {{company_name}}, outlining the roles, responsibilities, and steps involved in planning, creating, reviewing, and publishing social media content.

Draft a social media compliance checklist for {{company_name}}, ensuring that our content and practices adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and platform terms of service.

Develop a set of social media accessibility guidelines for {{company_name}}, ensuring that our content and profiles are inclusive and usable for people with disabilities.

ChatGPT prompts for creating social media content

Example prompts:

Generate 10 engaging social media post ideas for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account that align with our brand voice and {{target_audience}}’s interests.

Write 3 compelling social media post captions for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account to promote our latest {{blog_post/product/event}}.

Create a series of 5 educational social media posts for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account that showcase our expertise in {{industry/topic}}.

Develop a social media video concept for {{company_name}} that highlights our {{product/service}} benefits and encourages shares and engagement.

Generate 5 interactive social media post ideas for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account, such as quizzes, polls, or challenges, to boost engagement and shares.

Create a series of 3 behind-the-scenes social media posts for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account, showcasing our company culture, team members, or production process.

Write a script for a live video stream on {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account, featuring a Q&A with our {{CEO/expert}} on {{topic}}.

Develop a series of 5 user-generated content posts for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account, showcasing our customers’ experiences and success stories with our {{product/service}}.

ChatGPT prompts for engaging with users on social media

Example prompts:

Craft 5 personalized responses to user comments and questions on {{company_name}}’s recent {{platform}} posts, maintaining a friendly and helpful tone.

Generate 3 poll or survey questions for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account to encourage user engagement and gather valuable insights.

Identify 5 relevant hashtags for {{company_name}} to join on {{platform}} and draft sample posts for participating in each conversation.

Develop a user-generated content campaign idea for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account, including a unique hashtag and promotional strategy.

Draft a set of 5 template responses for frequently asked questions or comments on {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account, maintaining a consistent brand voice and tone.

Create a social media contest idea for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account, including prize ideas, entry requirements, and promotional strategies.

Identify 3 relevant {{platform}} communities or groups for {{company_name}} to join and participate in, and draft sample posts for introducing our brand and engaging with members.

Develop a strategy for using {{platform}}’s direct messaging feature to provide personalized customer service and support for {{company_name}}’s followers.

ChatGPT prompts for analyzing social media performance

Example prompts:

Develop a set of social media KPIs and reporting templates for {{company_name}}, aligned with our overall business objectives and marketing goals for each platform.

Analyze the engagement rates (likes, comments, shares) of {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} posts over the last month and identify the top-performing content themes and formats.

Compare the click-through rates and conversion rates of {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} ads to industry benchmarks and provide recommendations for improvement.

Evaluate the organic reach and impressions of {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} posts before and after implementing {{new_strategy}} and report on the impact.

Identify the top 3 {{platform}} influencers driving the most engagement and traffic for {{company_name}} and suggest ways to further collaborate with them.

Analyze the audience demographics and psychographics of {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} followers and compare them to our target customer persona, identifying any gaps or opportunities for better alignment.

Evaluate the performance of {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} stories over the last month, including views, completion rates, and engagement, and provide recommendations for improving story content and strategy.

Identify the top 3 {{platform}} posts from {{company_name}}’s competitors that drove the highest engagement or virality, and provide insights on what elements contributed to their success.

Conduct a sentiment analysis of {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} mentions and comments over the last quarter, identifying any trends, issues, or opportunities for improving customer satisfaction and brand perception.

ChatGPT prompts for managing social media crises and reputation

Example prompts:

Develop a social media crisis communication plan for {{company_name}}, outlining potential scenarios, response protocols, and key messaging for each situation.

Draft a response to a negative comment or review on {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} account, addressing the user’s concerns while maintaining a professional and empathetic tone.

Monitor {{company_name}}’s online reputation across social media platforms and draft a report summarizing sentiment trends, key issues, and recommendations for improvement.

Draft a holding statement for {{company_name}} to use in response to a potential social media crisis scenario, such as {{scenario_example}}, that acknowledges the issue and communicates our commitment to resolving it.

Develop a training program outline for {{company_name}}’s social media team on how to identify, escalate, and respond to potential crises or negative situations on each platform.

Create a template for documenting and reporting social media crises or incidents to {{company_name}}’s leadership team, including key details, response actions, and lessons learned.

Identify 3 proactive strategies for {{company_name}} to build and maintain a positive online reputation on social media, such as thought leadership, corporate social responsibility initiatives, or customer advocacy programs.

Create a social media crisis management flowchart for {{company_name}}, outlining the steps and responsibilities for identifying, assessing, and responding to potential crises on each platform.

ChatGPT prompts for repurposing content

Example prompts:

Identify 5 {{company_name}} blog posts that can be repurposed into engaging social media content for each platform, including post ideas and formats.

Transcribe the key takeaways from {{company_name}}’s latest {{webinar/podcast}} episode and draft social media posts to promote the content on each platform.

Adapt {{company_name}}’s {{whitepaper/case study}} into a series of bite-sized social media posts for {{platform}}, highlighting the most valuable insights and statistics.

Transform {{company_name}}’s {{infographic}} into a short video or slideshow optimized for each social media platform, with accompanying captions and calls-to-action.

Develop a plan for repurposing {{company_name}}’s {{event}} content, such as presentations, photos, or videos, into a series of social media posts and stories for each platform.

Identify the top 5 performing {{company_name}} social media posts across all platforms and propose ways to repurpose or expand upon the content for future campaigns.

Draft a series of 10 tweetable quotes or statistics from {{company_name}}’s {{research report}} that can be shared on {{platform}} to drive traffic and engagement.

Create a listicle-style blog post summarizing the key takeaways from {{company_name}}’s most popular social media posts and conversations over the last month, and promote the post across all platforms.

ChatGPT prompts for creating and optimizing profiles

Example prompts:

Write an engaging and SEO-friendly bio for {{company_name}}’s Twitter profile, highlighting our unique value proposition and incorporating relevant keywords, within the 160-character limit.

Create a compelling headline and “About” section for {{company_name}}’s LinkedIn page, showcasing our industry expertise, services, and company culture, optimized for search and user engagement.

Draft a concise and creative bio for {{company_name}}’s Instagram profile, using emojis, hashtags, and a call-to-action to encourage followers to engage with our content and visit our website.

Develop an informative and keyword-rich “About” section for {{company_name}}’s Facebook page, including our mission, products/services, and contact information, formatted for readability and mobile optimization.

Write an attention-grabbing headline and description for {{company_name}}’s YouTube channel, incorporating relevant keywords and highlighting the value viewers will gain from subscribing to our content.

Create a professional and engaging bio for {{company_name}}’s TikTok profile, using a mix of text, emojis, and hashtags to convey our brand personality and encourage users to follow and interact with our account.

Draft a concise and compelling bio for {{company_name}}’s Pinterest profile, highlighting our industry, key offerings, and the types of content users can expect to find on our boards.

Develop an informative and engaging “About” section for {{company_name}}’s Snapchat profile, using a mix of text, emojis, and a call-to-action to encourage users to follow our account and view our stories.

Write a clear and keyword-optimized headline and summary for {{company_name}}’s Medium publication, outlining the topics and value readers can expect from our articles and stories.

Create a compelling bio and tagline for {{company_name}}’s Quora profile, establishing our expertise and encouraging users to follow our spaces and engage with our answers and content.

Suggest 10 relevant and high-traffic keywords to include in {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} profile for improved discoverability.

Draft a compelling and SEO-friendly “About” section for {{company_name}}’s {{platform}} profile that clearly communicates our brand’s mission, values, and unique value proposition.

How to integrate AI into your social media marketing workflow

Use the website for ChatGPT, Claude or Gemini

You can use ChatGPT, Claude or Gemini directly through their websites. You’ll typically have to create an account and you’ll get instant access to a free version of one of their LLMs, but if you want a more advanced LLM, you’ll have to pay. For example, right now OpenAI offers GPT3.5 for free, but you can pay to upgrade to GPT4.

We’ve found this option is best for individuals who only need to use one platform and only need to use it by themselves.

If that’s you, then you can also use PromptDrive.ai as your prompt management tool. We have an unlimited free plan for individual users and a free chrome extension that will allow you to access your entire prompt library without the need to switch between tabs.

But if you want to save money, use different LLMs and collaborate on prompts and chat responses, then you might benefit from using PromptDrive.

Use PromptDrive.ai

PromptDrive.ai is a platform designed specifically for teams to collaborate on ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini prompts and workflows. It’s particularly useful for businesses or organizations where multiple team members need to work together on projects involving one or more LLMs.

An additional benefit is that you’ll be able to take advantage of AI for a fraction of the cost of using their native websites. You do need to add your own API keys, the process to get one is straightforward and we have guides to help you get started.

Final word

As you can see, the integration of AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini presents exciting opportunities for streamlining workflows and enhancing your social media marketing efforts. However, it’s crucial to understand that these AI assistants are not meant to replace human expertise and creativity, but rather to complement and augment your efforts.

While different LLMs can undoubtedly help you generate compelling content, analyze data, and engage with your audience more efficiently, they should not be viewed as a substitute for your professional experience and input. These AI tools are designed to assist you in your work, not to replace the unique perspectives and strategic thinking that you bring to the table.

It’s important to remember that the prompts and outputs provided by AI assistants are merely starting points. To truly leverage their capabilities, you’ll need to adapt, customize, and add additional context to ensure that the responses are relevant and aligned with your specific goals and brand voice.

Embracing the power of AI in social media marketing is a journey, one that requires a willingness to experiment, learn, and iterate. By combining your expertise with the capabilities of these advanced technologies, you can unlock new levels of efficiency, creativity, and success in your social media marketing endeavors.


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