90 AI Prompts for Sales

Examples for ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini and other LLMs

In the fast-paced world of sales, staying ahead of your competition is crucial. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize many industries, savvy sales professionals are harnessing its power to streamline their workflows, improve their strategies, and ultimately close more deals.

In this article, we’ll explore the potential of different Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini with example prompts and use cases so you can start using AI in your day-to-day sales role.

From writing engaging email templates to analyzing customer data and preparing for crucial meetings, these prompts will help you tap into the potential of AI to exceed sales targets and increase commissions.

Should you use ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini or something else?

While ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI assistants available, there are multiple chat AI applications available now. Each is powered by a different LLM and each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

We’ve written a more in depth article about different LLMs here, but at the time of writing this article, we tend to use Claude and ChatGPT.

That said, the AI space is moving so fast that today’s best could be tomorrow’s worst, so we recommend testing your prompts across different platforms and using the one that gives you the best result for your specific task today.

Throughout this article we’ll use ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini interchangeably, but just know that these prompts can be used with any LLM.

ChatGPT prompts for researching prospects and accounts

Example prompts:

Provide a brief overview of {{company name}}, including their industry, size, key decision-makers, and recent news.

Identify the top {{number}} competitors of {{company name}} and summarize their strengths and weaknesses relative to our {{product/service}}.

Research the most common challenges and pain points faced by {{industry}} companies related to {{topic}}.

Identify the key decision-makers at {{company name}} for {{product/service}} purchases and provide insights on their background and priorities.

Summarize the latest industry trends and regulations in {{industry}} that may impact the adoption of our {{product/service}}.

Identify the current technology stack or solutions used by {{company name}} for {{business function}} and assess their compatibility with our {{product/service}}.

Provide an overview of {{company name}}’s financial performance and growth projections based on their latest annual report.

Identify potential use cases or applications for our {{product/service}} within {{company name}}’s specific business processes.

Research the buying process and criteria for {{product/service}} at {{company name}} based on their procurement policies and past purchases.

Identify the key metrics and KPIs that a company in {{industry}} could use to evaluate the success of {{business function}} and relate them to the benefits of our {{product/service}}.

ChatGPT prompts for writing sales emails

Example prompts:

Write a personalized cold email to {{prospect name}} at {{company name}} in the {{industry}} industry, introducing our {{product/service}} and its benefits.

Create a follow-up email to {{prospect name}} after our initial call, summarizing the key points discussed and proposing next steps.

Draft an email to {{customer name}} addressing their concerns about {{issue}} and offering a solution using our {{product/service}}.

Compose an email to {{customer name}} announcing our new {{product/service}} and how it can benefit their business.

Write an email to {{prospect name}} requesting a meeting to discuss how our {{product/service}} can help them achieve their {{specific goal}}.

Create an email to {{customer name}} sharing a case study of how a similar company in the {{industry}} industry successfully used our {{product/service}}.

Draft an email to {{prospect name}} offering an exclusive limited-time discount on our {{product/service}}.

Write an email to {{customer name}} thanking them for their recent purchase and providing additional resources or tips related to their {{product/service}}.

Compose an email to {{prospect name}} inviting them to an upcoming webinar showcasing our {{product/service}} and its applications in the {{industry}} industry.

Create a personalized email to {{customer name}} on their birthday, offering a special discount or gift as a token of appreciation.

ChatGPT prompts for creating sales scripts

Example prompts:

Create a sales script for a cold call to {{prospect name}} at {{company name}} in the {{industry}} industry, introducing our {{product/service}} and its relevance to their business.

Write a script for a product demo to {{prospect name}}, highlighting the key features and benefits of our {{product/service}}.

Generate a script for a follow-up call to {{prospect name}} after sending them a proposal, addressing any potential objections and emphasizing the value of our {{product/service}}.

Compose a script for a call to {{customer name}} to upsell our {{complementary product/service}} based on their recent purchase.

Create a script for a call to {{prospect name}} to invite them to an exclusive event showcasing our {{product/service}} and its applications in the {{industry}} industry.

Write a script for a call to {{customer name}} to gather feedback on their experience with our {{product/service}} and identify any areas for improvement.

Draft a script for a call to {{prospect name}} to offer a free trial of our {{product/service}} and guide them through the signup process.

Generate a script for a call to {{customer name}} to inform them about an upcoming renewal of their {{product/service}} subscription and discuss any potential upgrades or changes.

Create a script for a call to {{prospect name}} to discuss a recently published industry report and how our {{product/service}} can help them stay competitive.

Compose a script for a call to {{customer name}} to thank them for their loyalty and offer an exclusive discount on their next purchase.

ChatGPT prompts for sales meetings

Example prompts:

Provide a briefing on {{prospect name}}’s company, including their background, key decision-makers, and recent news or events that may be relevant to our {{product/service}} offering.

Summarize the main points discussed in the previous meeting with {{prospect name}} and suggest topics to cover in the upcoming meeting to advance the sales process.

Generate a list of potential questions {{prospect name}} may ask about our {{product/service}} during the meeting and suggest appropriate responses.

Identify the key pain points and challenges faced by {{prospect name}}’s company based on their recent {{industry}} report and propose how our {{product/service}} can address them.

Create an agenda for the meeting with {{prospect name}}, allocating time for introductions, {{product/service}} presentation, Q&A, and next steps.

Prepare a competitive analysis comparing our {{product/service}} to the solutions currently used by {{prospect name}}’s company, highlighting our strengths and unique value proposition.

Suggest a list of case studies or customer success stories to share with {{prospect name}} during the meeting, focusing on companies similar to theirs in terms of size, industry, or challenges faced.

Draft a set of discovery questions to ask {{prospect name}} during the meeting to better understand their needs, priorities, and decision-making process.

Provide a summary of the key terms and conditions of our standard {{product/service}} contract to be prepared for any legal or procurement-related questions from {{prospect name}}.

Generate a list of potential objections {{prospect name}} may raise during the meeting and suggest strategies for addressing each one effectively.

ChatGPT prompts for creating sales proposals

Example prompts:

Create a personalized sales proposal for {{prospect name}} at {{company name}}, outlining how our {{product/service}} can solve their {{specific challenge}} and deliver measurable results.

Write a proposal for {{prospect name}} comparing our {{product/service}} to competitors’ offerings and highlighting our unique selling points.

Draft a proposal for {{prospect name}} that includes a detailed implementation plan for our {{product/service}} and a timeline for achieving their {{specific goal}}.

Generate a proposal for {{prospect name}} that includes case studies of successful implementations of our {{product/service}} in the {{industry}} industry.

Create a proposal for {{prospect name}} that offers a custom package of our {{product/service}} tailored to their specific needs and budget.

Compose a proposal for {{prospect name}} that includes a cost-benefit analysis of implementing our {{product/service}} compared to maintaining their current solution.

Write a proposal for {{prospect name}} that highlights the potential ROI of investing in our {{product/service}} based on their specific business metrics.

Draft a proposal for {{prospect name}} that includes a section on our company’s expertise and track record in the {{industry}} industry.

Generate a proposal for {{prospect name}} that offers a phased approach to implementing our {{product/service}}, allowing them to see value at each stage.

Create a proposal for {{prospect name}} that includes a risk assessment and mitigation plan for adopting our {{product/service}} in their organization.

ChatGPT prompts for negotiating

Example prompts:

Provide a list of potential concessions or value-adds we can offer to {{prospect name}} to close the deal on our {{product/service}}.

Suggest alternative pricing structures or payment terms for {{product/service}} that may better align with {{prospect name}}’s budget and cash flow.

Identify the key stakeholders and decision-makers at {{company name}} who need to be involved in the negotiation process for {{product/service}}.

Provide a list of questions to ask {{prospect name}} to uncover their underlying interests and motivations in the negotiation.

Suggest strategies for framing the value of our {{product/service}} in terms of {{prospect name}}’s specific business objectives and ROI.

Identify potential trade-offs or compromises that can be made on {{feature/term/condition}} to reach an agreement with {{prospect name}}.

Provide a list of common objections or counterarguments that {{prospect name}} may raise during the negotiation and suggest ways to address them.

Suggest a range of acceptable discount levels or promotional offers for {{product/service}} based on the deal size and strategic value of {{prospect name}}.

Identify the key contractual terms and conditions for {{product/service}} that are most important to {{our company}} and {{prospect name}} in the negotiation.

Provide a list of best practices and tactics for building trust and rapport with {{prospect name}} during the negotiation process.

ChatGPT prompts for analyzing sales data

Example prompts:

Analyze the sales data for {{product/service}} over the past {{time period}} and provide insights on trends, top performers, and areas for improvement.

Compare the sales figures of {{sales rep 1}} and {{sales rep 2}} for {{product/service}} and identify the key factors contributing to their performance.

Identify the top {{number}} customers by revenue for {{product/service}} and provide recommendations on how to further grow their accounts.

Analyze the sales pipeline for {{product/service}} and predict the likelihood of closing each deal based on historical data and current stage.

Identify the most common reasons for lost deals for {{product/service}} and suggest strategies to address these issues.

Compare the sales performance of {{region 1}} and {{region 2}} for {{product/service}} and provide insights on the factors driving the difference.

Analyze the impact of {{marketing campaign}} on the sales of {{product/service}} and calculate the ROI.

Identify the most effective lead sources for {{product/service}} based on conversion rates and revenue generated.

Analyze the sales cycle length for {{product/service}} and identify opportunities to shorten it without compromising quality.

Compare the sales performance of {{current year}} with {{previous year}} for {{product/service}} and identify the key drivers of growth or decline.

ChatGPT prompts for identifying upsell opportunities

Example prompts:

Analyze {{existing client name}}’s purchase history and usage patterns to identify potential upsell opportunities for {{product/service}}.

Identify complementary products or services to {{existing client name}}’s current {{product/service}} that can enhance their experience or solve additional challenges.

Review {{existing client name}}’s customer support inquiries and feedback to uncover unmet needs or pain points that can be addressed by {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}}.

Analyze {{existing client name}}’s industry and company size to determine the most relevant {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} based on typical needs and use cases.

Identify the key decision-makers or influencers at {{existing client name}} who need to be engaged for {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} opportunities.

Provide a list of questions to ask {{existing client name}} to uncover their goals, challenges, and priorities related to {{upsell/cross-sell topic}}.

Suggest a range of pricing or packaging options for {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} that align with {{existing client name}}’s budget and needs.

Identify case studies or success stories of similar companies to {{existing client name}} who have benefited from {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}}.

Provide a list of potential objections or barriers to {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} adoption at {{existing client name}} and suggest strategies to overcome them.

Analyze {{existing client name}}’s current stage in the customer lifecycle and suggest the most appropriate timing and approach for {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} outreach.

Identify the most common triggers or events that indicate an opportunity for {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} at {{existing client name}}, such as contract renewals, business growth, or new projects.

Suggest a personalized offer or promotion for {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} based on {{existing client name}}’s specific needs, budget, and relationship with {{our company}}.

Provide a list of the key benefits and value propositions of {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} that are most relevant to {{existing client name}}’s industry and business goals.

Identify opportunities to bundle or package {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} with {{existing client name}}’s current {{product/service}} for added value and convenience.

Analyze {{existing client name}}’s competitors and suggest how {{upsell/cross-sell product/service}} can give them a competitive advantage in their market.

ChatGPT prompts for creating sales reports

Example prompts:

Generate a weekly sales report summarizing the key metrics, including revenue, number of deals closed, and pipeline status for the {{product/service}} line.

Create a monthly sales report comparing the performance of the {{region/team}} against their targets and the previous year’s results.

Write a quarterly sales report analyzing the effectiveness of our current sales strategies for the {{product/service}} and proposing optimizations.

Draft an annual sales report highlighting the top-performing {{products/services}}, {{regions/teams}}, and identifying growth opportunities for the coming year.

Compose a sales report for the {{product/service}} launch, including early adoption rates, customer feedback, and recommendations for improvement.

Generate a sales report for the {{industry}} vertical, analyzing our market share, key competitors, and potential partnerships or acquisitions.

Create a sales report for the {{customer segment}}, evaluating their purchasing behavior, preferences, and lifetime value.

Write a sales report comparing the performance of our {{sales channels}}, such as direct sales, resellers, and e-commerce, and proposing channel optimization strategies.

Draft a sales report analyzing the impact of our recent {{marketing campaign}} on lead generation and conversion rates for the {{product/service}}.

Generate a sales report for the {{new market/geography}}, including an assessment of the market potential, regulatory landscape, and localization requirements for our {{product/service}}.

How to integrate AI into your marketing workflow

Prompts are just one part of using AI. You should also consider how you can integrate AI into your existing workflow so you can make the most of the responses.

Use the website for ChatGPT, Claude or Gemini

You can use ChatGPT, Claude or Gemini directly through their websites. You’ll typically have to create an account and you’ll get instant access to a free version of one of their LLMs, but if you want a more advanced LLM, you’ll have to pay. For example, right now OpenAI offers GPT3.5 for free, but you can pay to upgrade to GPT4.

We’ve found this option is best for individuals who only need to use one platform and only need to use it by themselves.

If that’s you, then you can also use PromptDrive.ai as your prompt management tool. We have an unlimited free plan for individual users and a free chrome extension that will allow you to access your entire prompt library without the need to switch between tabs.

But if you want to save money, use different LLMs and collaborate on prompts and chat responses, then you might benefit from using PromptDrive.

Use PromptDrive.ai

PromptDrive.ai is a platform designed specifically for teams to collaborate on ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini prompts and workflows. It’s particularly useful for businesses or organizations where multiple team members need to work together on projects involving one or more LLM’s.

An additional benefit is that you’ll be able to take advantage of AI for a fraction of the cost of using their native websites. You do need to add your own API keys, the process to get one is straightforward and we have guides to help you get started.

Final word

As you can see, AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini can be a powerful ally throughout the sales process. However, it’s important to remember that AI is not a replacement for the human touch and the unique skills that you bring to the table These prompts are designed to support and enhance your work, the key to success lies in finding the right balance between using AI-generated insights and applying your own expertise, creativity, and intuition.

You should view these prompts as a starting point, a foundation upon which you can build and customize your approach to suit your specific needs, target audience, product, market, and personal style. As you incorporate these prompts into your workflow, don’t be afraid to experiment, iterate, and adapt.


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