AI Prompts for Creating Presentations

Examples for ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini and other LLMs

In this article, we’ll explore the potential of different LLMs like ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini with example prompts and use cases so you can start using AI to help you create presentations.

Should you use ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini or something else?

While ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI assistants available, there are multiple chat AI applications available now. Each is powered by a different LLM and each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

We’ve written a more in depth article about different LLMs here, but at the time of writing this article, we tend to use Claude and ChatGPT.

That said, the AI space is moving so fast that today’s best could be tomorrow’s worst, so we recommend testing your prompts across different platforms and using the one that gives you the best result for your specific task today.

Throughout this article we’ll use ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini interchangeably, but just know that these prompts can be used with any LLM.

ChatGPT prompts to plan a presentation

Before diving into creating your presentation, it’s essential to understand your audience and the purpose of your presentation. ChatGPT can help you research your audience and generate ideas for tailoring your content to their interests and knowledge level.

Prompt examples:

Generate a list of questions to help me understand my audience’s background and expectations for a presentation on {{topic}}.

Provide a summary of key points to cover in a presentation about {{topic}} for an audience of {{audience type}}.

Create a brief audience persona for a presentation on {{topic}}, including their age range, profession, and familiarity with the subject matter.

ChatGPT prompts to organize content

Once you have a clear understanding of your audience and purpose, ChatGPT can assist you in gathering and organizing your content. Use AI to generate outlines, research relevant information, and structure your presentation in a logical sequence.

Prompt examples:

Create an outline for a 15-minute presentation on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, focusing on three main points.

Generate a list of five reliable sources to cite in a presentation about {{company}}’s innovative product design strategies.

Organize the following key points into a logical sequence for a presentation on the history of {{company}}: {{list of key points}}.

ChatGPT prompts to help design a presentation

Designing a visually appealing and engaging presentation is crucial for maintaining audience attention. ChatGPT can help you brainstorm design ideas, suggest appropriate color schemes, and provide tips for creating clean, focused slides. It can also assist you in generating ideas for charts, graphs, and images that effectively communicate your message.

Prompt examples:

Suggest three color schemes that would be appropriate for a presentation on {{company}}’s branding strategy.

Provide tips for creating slides that are visually engaging but not cluttered, using {{company}}’s keynote presentations as an example.

Generate a list of five design elements to include in a presentation template for a tech company like {{company}}.

Suggest three types of charts or graphs that could effectively illustrate {{company}}’s revenue growth over the past decade.

Generate ideas for five visually striking images to include in a presentation about {{company}}’s iconic product designs.

Provide guidelines for ensuring that media used in a presentation about {{company}} complies with copyright and usage rights.

ChatGPT prompts to write a presentation script and bullet points

Developing a script or bullet points for your presentation can help you stay on track and deliver your content effectively. ChatGPT can help you create a script outline, generate speaker notes, and refine your language for clarity and impact.

Prompt examples:

Create an outline for a 5-minute script introducing {{company}}’s most innovative products and their impact on the tech industry.

Generate speaker notes for a slide about {{company}}’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, focusing on key facts and figures.

Refine the following sentence for clarity and impact in a presentation about {{company}}’s marketing strategies: {{sentence}}.

ChatGPT prompts to help practice a presentation

Practicing your presentation is essential for refining your delivery and timing. ChatGPT can provide feedback on your rehearsal, suggest improvements, and help you anticipate potential questions from your audience.

Prompt examples:

Provide feedback on the pacing and clarity of the following presentation excerpt about {{company}}’s supply chain management: {{excerpt}}.

Suggest three ways to improve the transitions between slides in a presentation about {{company}}’s product launch events.

Generate five potential questions the audience might ask during a Q&A session following a presentation on {{company}}’s privacy policies.

How to integrate AI into your daily workflow?

Use the website for ChatGPT, Claude or Gemini

You can use ChatGPT, Claude or Gemini directly through their websites. You’ll typically have to create an account and you’ll get instant access to a free version of one of their LLMs, but if you want a more advanced LLM, you’ll have to pay. For example, right now OpenAI offers GPT3.5 for free, but you can pay to upgrade to GPT4.

We’ve found this option is best for individuals who only need to use one platform and only need to use it by themselves.

If that’s you, then you can also use as your prompt management tool. We have an unlimited free plan for individual users and a free chrome extension that will allow you to access your entire prompt library without the need to switch between tabs.

But if you want to save money, use different LLMs and collaborate on prompts and chat responses, then you might benefit from using PromptDrive.

Use is a platform designed specifically for teams to collaborate on ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini prompts and workflows. It’s particularly useful for businesses or organizations where multiple team members need to work together on projects involving one or more LLMs.

An additional benefit is that you’ll be able to take advantage of AI for a fraction of the cost of using their native websites. You do need to add your own API keys, the process to get one is straightforward and we have guides to help you get started.

Final word

In conclusion, AI-powered tools like ChatGPT can be incredibly helpful when it comes to creating engaging and informative presentations. By using the right prompts, you can generate ideas, outlines, and even full slides that will save you time and effort in the presentation creation process.

However, it’s important to remember that the example prompts provided in this article are just a starting point. To get the most out of AI, you’ll need to adapt and customize these prompts based on your specific needs, audience, and topic. Don’t be afraid to experiment and add more information to your prompts to guide the AI towards generating content that aligns with your goals.

While AI can be a powerful tool in your presentation-creation arsenal, it’s crucial to keep in mind that nothing can replace your unique insights. AI-generated content should be treated as a foundation upon which you can build, refine, and add your own expertise. Your knowledge, experience, and understanding of your audience are key to creating a presentation that truly resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

So, leverage the power of AI prompts to streamline your presentation creation process, but always remember to infuse your own voice, perspective, and domain expertise to create presentations that are truly compelling and effective.


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